Rein In Your Wellness

Rein In Your Wellness


Who We Are

Dogwood Equine Connection is an outpatient equine therapy center located in the Golden Triangle Region of Mississippi. Under the leadership of Katie Holtcamp, Dogwood Equine Connection provides equine services adaptable for numerous mental health disorders and wellness goals. To learn more about Katie’s background and education, please click here.

Why Horses

Horses have survived for thousands of years due to resilience, instinct, and adaptation. Equine assisted interventions are designed to improve those exact skills by allowing horses to heal the mental wounds through natural interactions with participants. Equine assisted activities and therapy allows for participants to watch and partake in herd dynamics by taking over the role of the lead horse. This encourages a deeper understanding of social cues and enables the individual with an opportunity to respond without fear of being mocked or criticized. Having an outlet such as this also allows for individuals to apply skills learned in a supportive and socially conducive environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality equine therapy opportunities for any individual seeking mental health counseling or mental health maintenance services.